Diet and Weight Loss

Burn Calories With These 5 Healthy Breakfasts

People who have lost weight and are still maintaining their fit figure claim that breakfast is very important. They also claim that if you skip breakfast regularly then you probably consume larger amount of food during the day. So start consuming these healthy foods in the morning and lose weight instantly.


Eggs are rich in protein which will help you feel satiated for longer period of time so you will consume less food throughout the day. What is more important, eggs are not expensive and you can prepare different meals.

-Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is low in sugar and rich in protein and unsaturated fat which helps in maintaining blood sugar level stable. You can spread it on a slice of bread or you can add 1-2 teaspoons in cereals.


Unlike other fruits, blueberries are low in sugar and rich in fibre so they are quite effective in melting body fat. Scientists have proven that blueberries can reduce body fat by up to 73%.

-Rye bread

Choose rye bread over wheat bread.“Nutrition Journal” has published a study in which it claims that people who consume rye bread were not feeling hungry for a longer period of time like those who ate other types of bread.


This fruit is known to be quite helpful in the weight loss process and fat burning. But you need to be cautious if you take some remedies as the grapefruit may slow down the function of enzymes that help in breaking down the medications thus affect their effectiveness.

We really hope that you will find this article useful and that when you get up, you will try some of these healthy foods which will help you in losing weight faster.