Immediately Stop Using Smartphones at Night – 3 Serious Reasons

Most of us use our smartphones before going to bed whether using some new application, playing games or just browsing the net. We often chat with our friends or checking the forecast for the following day.

But did you know that many scientists are doing a research on how the smartphones are affecting our health and wellbeing? Unfortunately the results are more than disturbing.

Majority of people are already informed about cell phone radiation and are aware about the danger. It is presumed that they emit a blue light which is linked with various health problems.

“Blue light is part of the full light spectrum, which means we’re exposed to it by the sun every day. However, nighttime exposure to that light, which is emitted at high levels by smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other LED screens, may be damaging your vision. It also suppresses production of the hormone melatonin, which throws off your body’s natural sleep cues.”


Scientists have proven that these serious diseases are caused by smartphones:

       1. Increased cancer risk

Increased light exposure causes insomnia which leads to increased cancer risk particularly prostate and breast cancer.

The “blue light” suppresses melatonin production which is known to be the powerful weapon against cancer. If you use your smartphone before going to bed rarely then it is not dangerous but if this happens almost every night then it can cause serious health problems.

     2. Sleep Loss

As we have mentioned above, the “Blue light” reduces melatonin production which negatively affects the sleeping cycle. Consequently, this will cause several health problems like:

  1. Aged Skin
  2. Weight gain
  3. Cardiovascular Problems
  4. Slower Response Time
  5. Lack of Memory Recall
  6. Depression

      3. Eye Damage

Using your smartphone at night will damage your eye retina and cause macular degeneration- painless loss of central vision. It can cause cataract formation as well.

Although this theory needs to be developed, according to one doctor his 35 year patient had clouding of the eye’s natural lens like a 75 year old and this patient admitted that he was using smartphone before going to bed.

Now after reading this text, will you think twice before using your phone before going to bed?