Diet and Weight Loss

Stop Doing These 6 Mistakes in Your Diet

Have you noticed that sometimes when you are trying to lose weight and you follow some important rules there are good results but sometimes there aren’t. The same diet can have different results at different periods of time. Are you aware what mistakes make your effort worthless?

  1. You forgot your training

-The biggest truth is that no diet will be effective if you avoid physical activity!

Even if you lose some weight after certain time the pounds will be back for sure especially if you start enjoying unhealthy meals from time to time. On the contrary if you exercise regularly and you consume healthy food you will lose weight in no time.


  1. You skip breakfast

-Avoid skipping breakfast if you are trying to lose weight! When you get up in the morning your body needs “fuel” to function normally because your last meal was probably 8-10 hours before. Additionally, when you eat your breakfast you will probably consume less food at lunchtime.

  1. You do not get enough calories

– It is proven that our bodies need certain number of calories to function normally. So, if your calorie intake is less than 1000, then you can face with certain health problems.

Your metabolism will slow down so you will need a couple of years to make it function properly.

  1. Do not control the size of a portion

– You must control the size of your meals but be careful. If you consume larger amount of food, you will have problems with digestion but if your meals are too small then your body will lack some important nutrients (fibre, carbs, protein, minerals, calories and vitamins).

It is extremely important to consume smaller meals 5 times a day rather than consuming larger meals 3 times a day. This habit will boost your metabolism.

  1. You are not sleeping enough

– Proper night sleep is very important as food and water are. So, remember that if you sleep less than 8 hours, your diet effort will not be successful.

Try not to make this mistake especially if you are trying to lose weight.

  1. You eat in nervous and stressful situations

These days almost every person has problems and is under stress due to modern lifestyle. How to avoid this? Junk food and alcohol are not the solution!

Free tips to relieve your stress: Exercise and physical activity can really help. Just go for a walk, spend time with your friends, calm your mind with relaxing music and meditation. Don’t forget to sleep well and to consume food rich in Omega-3 acids.