Stop Doing These Seven Bad Habits After Eating

It is very difficult for people to change their habits. If you ate trying hard to lead healthy lifestyle and stay fit, the following useful tips will surely help. You should avoid doing these seven things after eating your meal:

1.Cigarette after having a meal

Scientists have proven that this habit is really harmful as lighting a cigarette after a meal is as same as you have smoked 10 cigarettes. After a meal our digestive system starts to work and the nicotine prevents the digestive function because it reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

  1. Fruit after having a meal

Fruit is digested very quickly so if you consume fruits immediately after the meal, they won’t be digested quickly which will cause formation of gasses and toxins. This leads to cellulite formation. To avoid unpleasant consequences you should consume fruits on an empty stomach or two hours before or after a meal.

  1. Tea after having a meal

This habit is not healthy as well especially for anaemic people. This is because many types of tea have the caffeine as a main ingredient which binds to iron and slows down the digestion. So, anaemic people should avoid tea at least one hour after meal.

  1. Swimming after having a meal

This rule is quite common and our mothers and grandmothers are absolutely right. The experts also claim that even taking a shower after a meal is not healthy. This is because water accelerates the blood flow throughout the body but after eating the digestive system needs more blood to function properly. When we have a shower, due to sudden change in temperature the blood is needed in the whole body thus the digestive system cannot function properly.

  1. Waist exercise after having a meal

This habit is not recommended because waist exercise after eating can cause twisted intestines and impaired digestion. Another reason why doing this exercise immediately after a meal is a bad habit is because it can lead to gaining weight.

  1. Activity after eating

Physical activity is really a healthy habit but not after eating. Exercising will prevent the digestive system to absorb the nutrients from the meal. Easy and pleasant walk is a better choice without doing any stronger effort.

  1. Sleeping after eating

One more myth that is actually true. During sleep, our body functions are “sleeping” as well. That is why you should avoid sleeping after eating. It is also not recommended to lie down as it will prevent proper digestion and the gastric juice will not do its function normally so you will end up having stomach problems.