Diet and Weight Loss

You Are Gaining Weight Because Of These 5 Unexpected Reasons

We all just hate when we gain extra weight or when our jeans don’t fit anymore. Are you aware that this can be caused by some hormonal imbalance or vitamin deficiency? The body then reacts in certain way like:


Many antidepressants can cause gaining extra weight, to be more precise from 3-8 kilos but this number can increase with time.

The bad news is that even if you don’t take antidepressants, the depression itself also causes gaining weight as people who feel lonely or sad often consume larger amount of unhealthy food as a way to run away from their problems.


Other drugs like hormonal and steroid medications as well as beta blockers, contraceptive pills and drugs for regulating blood pressure can cause gaining extra pounds.

Slow Metabolism

If you have problems with slowmetabolism and your stool is unformed then maybe the reason for gaining weight is lack of nutritive fibre, dehydration, certain drugs or your gut flora.

Lack of Nutrients

Unusual weight gain can be caused by the lack of some nutrients like magnesium, iron or vitamin D which negatively affects your immune system, energy level and metabolism.

Getting Old

As we get old, it is natural for our metabolism to slow down. Our body when we are 40 or 50 is not able to burn the calories as it did when we were 20. That is why we need to exercise more and consume less amount of food.